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The NWRFHP PIG started promoting Community Based Micro Health Insurance initiatives in 2007 in collaboration with GIZ to promote financial access and affordability to quality health care by the population of the North West region. This is in line with the mission of NWRFHP PIG to improve access to quality health care services for those living in rural areas and those employed in the urban informal sector that do not have any form of health insurance leading to catastrophic health care cost. This initiative was financially and technically supported by GIZ until 2014. Nevertheless, since inception the NWRFHP PIG has supported it with approximately 35,000,000 FCFA. This has been to educate and mobilise the communities concerned to enrol into the schemes. 

In an organizational diagnosis of MHOs in Cameroon in general and North West region in particular in 2009, it was noticed that the MHOs were undergoing some difficulties that affected the encouraging results registered during the first 04 years of existence. This trend was confirmed by reports of the follow up and evaluation of the MHOs by the North West Special Fund for Health, audit reports as well as a situational analysis carried out by GIZ in 2010.

Some of the problems noticed were as follows;

  • There was adverse selection in the registration of members.
  • The rate at which members renewed their contributions was less than 50%
  • The rate of adhesion and up – to – date beneficiaries was on the decline dropping from 100% in 2005 to 8.2% for adhesions in 2010 and 100% to 47.2% for up – to – date beneficiaries.
  • Penetration rate of 7% remained far below the previewed 40% by the 2001 – 2015 Health Sector Strategic Plan.
  • As from 2008, the expenditure of the MHOs was more than the income leading to outstanding unpaid health care bills of more than 17.000.000FCFA by December 20

Evolution in Membership in Kumbo, Boyo and Bamenda MUHCOOPS 2008 – 2017

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