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Obstetric Kits Program

In the North West region maternal mortality ratio, neonatal and post-natal rate trends have remained unacceptably high. These rates stand at 26 per 1,000 and 63 per 1,000 respectively while infant mortality of less than one year is 43 per 1,000. In order to reduce maternal mortality an obstetric kits program in health facilities was put in place in 2013 to rapidly taking care of deliveries and all related complications in the North West region. This project initially was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Public Health (MOH), GIZ and the community. It has improved a lot on maternal health by reducing morbidity and mortality in women.

This program – now sponsored solely by NWRFHP PIG – complements the provision of medical equipment and motorbike-ambulances donated by GIZ and the training of staff to assist health facilities provide adequate care. The program involves preparation and supply of kits for normal delivery and caesarean section. The major activities of this program are field supervision, maternal death audits; follow up of reports from health facilities and education of women on the importance of the kits. Health facilities in the programme rose from 30 in 2013 to 214 in 2017

Evolution in the number of obstetric kits supplied to health institutions

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