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The NWRFHP PIG which started in 1987 as North West Pro – pharmacy started with an essential medicine program based on practical, scientifically sound, and socially acceptable methods, made accessible to the population through their full participation and at a cost they can afford.
As we celebrate 30 years, we now take the opportunity to reassess and plan for the future. This Video elaborates on what we are and what we have been through these 30 years, To achieve what we have. Enjoy!

Dr. Fondoh Richard

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The NWRFHP PIG was set up in 1987 as a result of the failure of previous drug programs and the incapacity of the state to continue with free health services to the population due to structural adjustment programs. The North West region in particular and Cameroon in general during this period suffered from no standard medical store, low distribution capacity and no peripheral pharmacies leading to physical absence of medicines and limited variety. There was also low vaccination coverage, problems of hygiene and sanitation and infectious disease burden (malaria, skin infections etc.). This was further compounded by the limited capacity of the population to participate in the promotion of other health activities leading to deterioration in health.

In 1986, the North West region had 62 Community propharmacies (CP) at health centres and hospitals and about 100 dispensaries at village health posts (VHPs). Most CPs (59) were members of a joint regional medicines supply system supported by The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) at the beginning of the 1970s. Some were run by the councils themselves. Village Health Posts had their own regional supply network, which was organized by the churches. The three systems differed in prices, drug items and professional status, and frequently did not meet the requirements of an essential drug policy.

Mr. Kupper Meinoff
Mr Kupper Meinolf– GTZ consultant assisted in setting up North West Pro-Pharmacy 1986 – 1989
Y'de 11/06/2012
Signing of the constituent Agreement Y’de 11/06/2012

In 1990 the North West Pro-Pharmacy was transformed into North West Provincial Special Fund for Health in line with law number 90/62 of 19th December 1990 relating to freedom of associations. Following this law, the North West Pro-pharmacy was registered as North West Provincial Special Fund for Health in the North West region. Its legal status was granted on 6th June 1991 and a circular letter of the Minister of Public Health to the Provincial Delegate of Public Health for the North West province on 26th November 1991 recognized the creation of the North West Provincial Special Fund for Health.

When North West Pro-Pharmacy was set up in 1987, Mrs Tata Lega Helen was appointed pioneer Manager. Prior to her appointment as Manager of the new structure, she was the Provincial Chief of Pharmacy for the North West. She was appointed alongside Mr. Yah Chrisantus as pioneer Chief of Administration and Finance, Mr. Njinjoh Hilman as Supervisor and Mrs Ngoh Margaret as Secretary.

Mrs. Tata L. Helen
Pioneer Manager 1987 – 2000

Between 1987 and 1997, she masterminded the publication of 4 editions of Guidelines for Managing a Pro-Pharmacy for the North West Propharmacy and the 1st edition for the South West in November 1989. Under her, the Fund donated 8 TOYOTA Hilux 4W double cabin vehicles to 8 health districts in the region to support Primary Health Care Supervision activities. For her 13 years as Manager, turnover of medicines doubled and the number of pharmacies equally increased tremendously from 59 in 1987 to 103 in 2000 when she got international assignment at WHO headquarters in Switzerland

From the onset, regular supervision was ensured despite the enclaved nature of some health facilities
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Meet the Team

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Dr Richard Mbarika Fondoh

The Administrator

Coordinating, Managing, and directing all the activities of the NWRFHP PIG

Mrs. Akumawah Magaret

Head of section, Administration and Finance

In charge of all the financial, accounting , logistics and human resource issues.

Mrs Njamnsi Mildred Kongla

head of section, health promotion and partnership support

In charge Of all health Promotion Programs i.e dialogue structure activities, Mutual health organisations, Obstetric Kits, Performance based financing. etc

Dr Shu Walters

Pbf- mananger

Coordinating all perfomance based financing activites in the Region

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