Our Strategic Plan

The Management of the North West Regional Fund for Health Promotion (NWRFHP) is pleased to present the Strategic Plan of the organisation for the next three years 2015 – 2017. This document outlines the strategies which the organisation intends to use to improve the health outcomes of the population of the North West region of Cameroon. It is a culmination of recent developments in line with the new status as a Public Interest Group, intensive research, discussions/interviews and consultation with all stakeholders in and out of the North West region. In this process, the stakeholders were asked to provide feedback on a range of possible strategies to enhance the effectiveness of the services offered by NWRFHP to contribute in improving the health status and reduce inequalities in the population.
It is the desire of the General Assembly through the Management Committee (MC) to have the highest possible level of health and quality of life for the population. In order to achieve this, the combined efforts of the staff, health personnel in the health institutions, public service health administrators, dialogue structures (communities) and technical/financial members/partners is a prerequisite. In this light, the General Assembly calls on all stakeholders to give the necessary support to realise the objectives set thereby contributing in the realisation of the 2001 – 2015 Health Sector Strategy of the government of Cameroon and meeting up with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the health sector.
It is our sincere hope that this strategic document becomes the single most important point of reference for the formulation of programmes, service design and delivery, resource mobilisation and health care financing, as it embodies our dream for a better health care delivery system for all the people of the North West region. We look forward to progress being made towards the attainment of stated objectives and improvement in the health of our population.
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