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  1. Brief History
  2. Mission
  3. Vision
  4. Strategic Goals
  5. Core Values
  6. Organizational Structure


To assist the Ministry of Health in promoting access to health care for the population of the North West region through the improvement of the performance of the health system


Sustainable quality and affordable health care for the population of North West region.

Strategic Goals

The NWRFHP shall strive to:

  • Strengthen the organizational capacity of the Fund to enhance the quality of health care provision.
  • Ensure access to safe, effective, affordable and good quality medicines, medical consumables and diagnostic materials at all levels of health care on the basis of health needs.
  • Contribute in reducing financial barrier to access to quality health care through Community Based Micro Health Insurance Schemes (CBMHIS).
  • Promote sustainable sanitation and proper hygienic conditions to fight preventable diseases especially in vulnerable communities
  • Strengthen community participation to accelerate reduction in maternal and new-born morbidity and mortality
  • Reinforce community participation in the prevention of the spread of HIV AIDS and management of People Living with HIV AIDS to ensure consistency and continuity of care
  • Mobilize financial and technical resources for the programs/activities of the fund.
  • Ensure good governance and transparency through a sound financial and human resource management system.
  • Facilitate the decentralisation of the health system in order to improve on access to quality health care.

Core Values

In order to continuously improve its services to the population, the Fund upholds values, believes and attitudes that shape and influence behaviour in the organisation (staff, management committee, dialogue structures). These 06 core principles define the culture of the Fund.

  1. Collaboration: Improving and sustaining performance depend on everyone in the system as a team (team work).
  2. Communication: Effective communication within and between all levels; community, staff, technical and financial partners, to increase awareness on the mission and programs and demonstrate the impact of the services and value of the Fund to the population.
  3. Openness: Transparent performance, monitoring and reporting is essential to make sure the facts are known and acknowledged even if at times this may be uncomfortable.
  4. Respect: The role of every one engaged in improving performance is valued.
  5. Partnership: Partnership in providing access and equity to health care services is important for the fund to maximise the involvement of a range of resources from diverse non-governmental organisations, the state and the communities through dialogue structures for meaningful and sustainable program development with the required outcomes.
  6. Outcome focused: Performance based decision making for programs and services are a priority to the Fund.
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