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Brief history of the NWRFHP PIG

The North West Regional Fund for Health Promotion (NWRFHP PIG) simply referred to as the Fund started in 1987 as a Primary Health Care Essential Medicines programme in line with a Cameroon national framework of re-orientation of Primary Health Care (PHC) to create a self-sustaining mechanism (revolving drug fund) to ensure a constant supply of quality essential medicines recommended by African ministers of health in Bamako, Mali in 1987. The structure was known then as North West Pro-Pharmacy. In 1991, in line with the law on associations in Cameroon, it became the North West Provincial Special Fund for Health.

Considering the willingness of the major partners of the Fund to ensure better health for the population by improving the performance of the health system in the regions, it was transformed into its present status to support the Ministry of Public Health in the mobilisation and management of resources for health care delivery especially in the management and distribution of medicines and other pharmaceutical products; enhancing the quality of health care provision; developing financing mechanisms; and carrying out other health care promotion activities.

In order to accomplish its mission, the Constituent General Assembly (CGA) of December 2013 adopted 03 operational and functional structures under an Administrator.

These sections are;

  • The Administration and Finance Section comprising of the Finance and Accounting unit and the Human Resource and Logistics Unit;
  • The Health Promotion and Partnership Support Section comprising of the Partnership Unit, the Health Insurance Development Unit and the Performance Based Financing Unit;
  • The Pharmaceutical Products Management Section comprising of the central medical store, the Computerized Stock Management Unit and the Distribution and Supervision Unit.
As at December 2013, the North West Regional Fund for Health Promotion PIG (NWRFHP PIG) manages a central medical store, 196 community pharmacies, obstetric kits in 30 remote communities and technical assistance to 03 Mutual Health Organisations. It is supported by staff strength of 34 in the regional office and 230 community employed Pharmacy Attendants. Other assets of the NWRFHP include 06 drug distribution vans, 02 vehicles for the promotion of CBMHIS and 01 vehicle for the circulation of the administrator. In addition, it managed a technology unit for the repairs of health unit equipment which was leased out to Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, on condition that it would not charge high rates for the repairs of the said equipment.
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